Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Late Wrap Up about Art Is...You in Connecticut

This was the personalized name badge I got when I arrived at Art Is...You in Connecticut. Obviously the theme was Alice In Wonderland. It was a great event, smaller than Art and Soul that I have attended for the last 3 years in Hampton, VA but still great. We got little bags of whimsy (things to decorate projects) when we signed in, lunch every day (included in the price), a free journaling session in the mornings before class, a viewing of the great documentary "Who does she think she is?" and lots other great stuff.  Each day the organizers would come in the classrooms and pass out snacks and goodies from the vendors. I got vintage postage stamps from Naval Jelly and embellishments from Dime Store Emporium. There was a stash swap (I gave MUCH more than I took and really felt good that what I gave was taken by others). We also had the East Coast Art Trunk (vendor space) for the 3 day weekend. I was good and didn't buy too much but did support them.

I took both of my classes with Suze Weinberg the Queen of UTEE and Beeswax. I took the two UTEE classes with her.
This is a closeup of the UTEE Goddess I made in Saturdays class. The background is a piece of poplar provided by Suze. We molded faces, crowns or wings or just used some of the many molds Suze brought with her. Suze taught us how to make hair out of UTEE and I made my wings with it too. My Goddess is carrying a shield in the shape of a heart. Her body is made from some glittered ornamental twigs. I used foils on the background and toned them down a bit with some metallic rub ons. There is some bling and some of Suzes' old Mini Mosaics that I picked up at the Ranger Industries warehouse sale on the way up to CT a few weeks before.
Here are some of the molds I poured with UTEE over the weekend.

You can make rings with UTEE too! We did this on Sunday in the Faux Soldering class.

We've all got extra CD's hanging around the house. Stamp on them and then dip in clear UTTE and embellish with glitter glue or whatever suits your fancy!

The technique below is Faux Soldering. Take and image and put it between two pieces of Ranger Memory Glass and then dip the piece into the UTEE. The one on the left was done at the end of the day and has colored UTEE. The one on the right was done with clear UTEE and To Dye For inks. I embellished with some beads. DON'T use regular reinkers with the UTEE in the pot they can't handle the heat!!!

Here are the UTEE donut necklaces you might have heard about if you are a fan of Suze. Hers is the red one the left, she is MUCH better at it than me.

These two UTEE charms were done by overlaying a greased cookie cutter (with embossing fluid) on an image and then pouring the UTEE in.

Have some memory frames or other small frames hanging around? You can insert a picture and then pour tinted UTEE in as I did on the left. On the middle and right I put the frame on top of a mold and then poured in the colored UTEE.

Everyone has cardboard or chipboard around the house. Dip it into colored UTEE, pull it out and immediately stamp with a rubber stamp that has embossing ink on it. Texture stamps work the best. Make sure you use real rubber not the clear stamps.

All in all it was a GREAT weekend. Next year Art Is...You! has a Wizard of Oz theme and moves from Cromwell in the middle of the state to Danbury to the western edge. I look forward to seeing who is going to teach what next year.

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  1. Hi Diane! I loved Suze's Faux Soldering class, too! We sure had fun! See you next year in Danbury!