Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thanks card

To regular followers my absence from blogging may have been noticed. I was posting at least twice a week last year and sometimes every other day. The black hole of genealogy caught me and sometimes I creep out and make a post here.

I have been crafting but it's for stuff in the future like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. I've got the first two holidays covered and made a big dent in the third. The family birthdays and anniversaries are slow this time of year so my cards have slacked off.

This card I sent to a relative of my husbands. When I was visiting his family last month I got with my mother-in-law and scanned a ton of family memorabilia she had for both sides of my husbands family. I noticed an envelope that had some great memories that were told by ancestors long gone and saw the return address. I asked her if she knew this man and was he still alive (he's close to 90 so you never know). She said yes so I copied that info down and called him the other day.

After establishing our relationship on the family tree I asked him if he could provide any more information. He's going to send me some info and I'm going to do the same as I've assembled a lot of information for the family tree.

This card is a thanks to he and his wife for taking time out to talk to a perfect stranger. It's a thanks for what he told me and also what he's going to send. I can't wait for it to arrive. The card itself is from a kit by WeR Memory Keepers, they make great kits as I've commented on in the past.

Until my next post,

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