Thursday, March 1, 2012

What I'm NOT doing this year

Maybe I'm cheap but this year I decided NOT to go to Art and Soul in Virginia. I'd been a regular since 2007 when the venue was in Hampton. This year they moved to Virginia Beach since the cost of the convention center next to the hotel was too expensive. I understand the event needs to make money to continue but I decided to not spend my money to stay in a hotel and eat my meals out. I was fortunate to live so close that I could go home and sleep in my bed, bring a sandwich for lunch and go home for dinner every night. I know I missed out on some "bonding" with fellow crafters but saving a few bucks is important too. I will probably save at least $1700-1800 by NOT going. This is based on five nights single accommodations, five day classes, one night class, the kit fees, five lunches and five dinners.

Another big reason for my decision to not go is that I've got enough unfinished projects at home. I hope to use a few days that I would have gone to A&S to finish some of these. I've also got a bunch of other kits at home that I never started so I need to do those as well.

Since my immersion in genealogy I've pretty much gone cold turkey on buying craft stuff. I have SO MUCH of this stuff hanging around that I need to use what I've got. Having a smart phone helps in a way. I no longer have to carry my coupons for Michael's or the other big box store. If I decide I need something I can show them the online coupon and still save.

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