Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Cupcake card

Here's a card I made using a Hot off the Press card kit. Their kits have enough materials to make 10 cards decorated on the inside and out. I decided to stretch the cards to over 20 by using the inside materials to make additional cards. I supplied my own envelopes and cardstock for the additional cards.

The kits include the cardstock, envelopes, papers, dazzles, brads, fibers and other embellishments. I got the kit on sale and since I'm making twice as many cards I got a great deal with pretty much no left overs which is great since my craft room is bulging with stuff.

This card is the outside of one card. The lighter section in the middle is vellum over the paper to give it a lighter look.

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  1. Hey Cupcake! I know nothing about cards. But you sure do.