Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another poster created with Illustrator

Here's another poster I did for of my Computer Arts classes. This class focused on advertising. Some of our projects were for the print media and others could be created for an online market. You had to have already taken the basic Photoshop and Illustrator classes before you could take this. Some folks already had taken a video class or two so they created some projects in Final Cut.

I used Adobe Illustrator for this project. This was a "real" assignment in that the school had a concert coming up and the winning design (voted by the school choir) was going to be used to market the event. We had a short turn around time (like the real world) to create a poster, a program and a post card to invite the VIP's. Once you got the concept down it was a matter of making things a bit smaller. The choir director said it was a very tough choice, I didn't win but enjoyed the project.

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