Friday, August 14, 2009

I know you are sick of the feet but here's one last look

My blog readership has plummeted. I never set any records that's for sure but lately I've only been getting a small handful of viewers. It's quite possible it has something to do with the feet. Either people want more or less. I'm going on the less so with that in mind, here's the last you'll hear or see of my feet (unless something really crazy happens). The before x-ray is on the left and the after x-ray is on the right. Note the small plate and the four screws. I had my follow up appointment on Wednesday and don't have another for 3 months which will be 6 months after the surgery. Hopefully my slight limp and swelling will be gone and I'll be wearing real shoes all day and getting ready for a ski season with out pain.
Until my next post,


  1. I'm here(frantically waving my hand)!

  2. Hey Fly-Girl, nice nuts and bolts in your new foot. Is marathon training in your future?