Monday, March 21, 2011

Can you hear me now?

Believe it or not this is a cell phone. It is the very first phone I ever had. Why I've had it this long I don't know. Hubby bought it for me around 1991 or so. I saw it as a very frivolous thing at first but boy have times changed. This phone was called a bag phone. It would plug into a cigarette lighter receptacle for car power but also had a B-I-G and heavy battery that you could use if you wanted to be mobile. The reason I'm posting this is because it was part of the "stuff" that was in the bonus room that we are slowly going through as I create my craft palace. I dropped the cell phone off at the local consumer household chemical and computer recycling day. These events are free and are a great way to safely dispose of unwanted chemicals and electronics. I also brought about 50 VCR tapes that I had recorded things on, a bunch of cell phone accessories that I can't donate, an old computer monitor (the huge CRT style) and a broken stereo receiver.

Check your your local area and you too can get rid of "stuff".

Untily my next post,


  1. That should be in a museum!!!

  2. A-Ha! The Oldie. We had one of those in the car years ago, the battery pack was installed under the seat. When we took a trip out to Ft. Davis it would work, but no one else's newer/smaller cellphones would -- it was analog! Reception was great, sound quality was great, but size definitely mattered.....