Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing Hookie

Yep I've been playing hookie again. This time I was up in New Hampshire skiing at Loon Mountain and Bretton Woods. As a military retiree I have access to excess time shares at reduced rates through the Armed Forces Vacation Club. I've used this service about 6 times in New Hampshire and Utah. This year we stayed at Loon but also did some skiing at Bretton Woods. I hope you liked the posts while I was gone. I need to get back to crafting and show you some new stuff.

Until my next post, Diane


  1. Oz, does the AFVC deal with cruises?

  2. AFVC does NOT deal with cruises BUT there is another source for military/government folks to get great vacation deals. It is Government & Armed Forces Travel Cooperative. I've used them once before. Here's their link