Monday, September 14, 2009

My non destructive decorated doors

Up until recently I've liked making and trading my ATC's more than receiving them. I had originally thought I'd put my trades into baseball card 9 pocket acid free pages but then I ran out and never bought more. Then the ATC's kept coming in the mail and sitting in their envelopes (after I'd opened them of course). I had this idea and acted on it and now I'm happy to give and receive. I took 32x40" 1/4" foam board and cut in in half the long way to make two 32x20" pieces. The measurements will vary based on the width and height of your door. I attached the ATC's and other trades I've gotten at various art retreats to the foam core with clear photo corners. I then used 3M picture hanging strips to attach the foam core to the back of the doors. Now when I open my crafting closet I am treated to finished art as my inspiration.

Can you see any art you have traded with me?

Until my next post,


  1. These are 'Big' pojects Diane but they look really cool !

  2. No, but I wish some were mine to keep.