Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Triptych ATC

It was my choice of what theme to pick for my monthly ATC swap with Sid in the UK. I suggested either two diptych or one triptych. He said let's go with a triptych. I thought about what to do for the longest time and finally settled on a phrase I used in my Design II class.

In that class we were supposed to keep a journal and write things down that sparked our creative process. We were in the middle of one project and there was some questions posed to the instructor. For some reason I wrote this in my journal "Rules, rules, rules...There are no rules in Art!"

Anyway, this triptych can read two ways. I designed it to be read closed like a book where you'd read "There-Are-No-rules-In-Art". This is why I put the hand on the word in to signify that you'd open the triptych to read the blue panels after the first red panel. After I assembled it I realized you could also read it "In-Art-There-Are-No-Rules".

The backing is mat board and the hinges are tyvek. I know I had an old tyvek envelope but couldn't find it. I asked hubby if he had some and he went into the garage and came back with a roll that was about a yard wide and two miles long...yes we do have some tyvek, the house wrap kind. I needed about 7" x 1" so I didn't make much of a dent.

The pages on top of the mat board are from my first attempt at marbleizing paper. I took a class at the local art center (didn't care for the class but got my confidence in creating the paper) and had the paper left over. On top of that are the words and many different stamps. I have stamps from JustRite, Inka, Inque and Stampers Anonymous. I used a Krylon gold leaf pen to outline the edges and cover the tyvek white color to complete the project. I'm really happy with how it turned out and hope Sid likes it.

Until my next post,



  1. Great work Diane, love the way your words can be read more than one way too ! It arrived today and I love it !!