Saturday, September 12, 2009

What about you?

Last fall I took a course called Communication Design at the local community college which was a fancy name for Advertising. We had mock clients and a real one too (see the post about the winter concert). For this project we were to target a specific type dog to a person in a certain age group. I picked the "older" generation (since I was the oldest student in the class). My ad focused on a older but still active dog named Ranger that was looking for a partner just like him. I used Photoshop and masked Ranger out of the original picture into one with a background that looks like the personal ads (actually it is the real estate tabloid). I downloaded the SPCA logo and color picked the blue to use it on the top of the ad. The ad Ranger is looking at says "Widowed active 60's female looking for similar aged male partner. Likes to take long walks on the beach, jog in the park and go for Sunday drives to the country. Happy to sit by the fireplace on cold rainy/snowy days." Classmates, the instructor and Rangers owner all loved it. Ranger is on a sabbatical from the neighborhood since his owner is now deployed to Afghanistan. Hopefully he'll be back in about 10 months with that old worn out tennis ball in his mouth.

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