Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What it's not.....and what it is

Is this a new technique for using powdered pigments like Perfect Pearls or Pearl Ex? Could it be that I've used an alcohol ink background and the powdered pigments? Or perhaps it's something else altogether and I've created the next wave in background papers.

No, I'm not that inventive. It's my husbands car covered with pine pollen this morning. It lasts about a week and then we are done. We had our screened porch enclosed with sliding glass windows a few years ago and needless to say the windows won't be opening until this stuff is gone. Before we had it done I'd let the cat out in the porch and I wouldn't let him back in the house until I rubbed him off with a towel which he wasn't to fond of. We've got loads of pollen here in the Hampton Roads, Tidewater, South East Virginia area. Most of the stuff that bothers me isn't as visable as this.

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