Sunday, December 26, 2010

The weather outside is frightful...

The Hampton Roads/Tidewater area of Virginia (where I live) doesn't usually get that much snow BUT on occasion, if the circumstances are right, (like today) we can get a wallop of snow. Yesterday afternoon we saw some flurries and by 6a.m. this morning when I did my early morning walk we'd had about 3" on the ground. It's been snowing all day and the winter storm watch goes until 7p.m. tonight. When all is said and done we'll likely have about a foot of snow. VDOT has redirected some snow removal equipment from areas unaffected to those that are but they will likely focus on the interstate highways and other major roads. The local communities simply don't have that much snow removal equipment. My little joke is that the guy that drives the snowplow can only work so many hours a day that's why it takes day to get your street plowed...if you do. We generally work on the solar method of snow removal...wait a day or so and the sun will come out an melt it.

I must have the only bird feeders in the area:

I'm not looking forward to shoveling tomorrow, this stuff is going to be heavy not the fluffy snow of the west. Look how is just piles up on anything. Here's my mailboxes at the end of the street and the entry with the snow piled on the faux pine bough garland.

Until my next post,


  1. We do occ. get wet snows like this...

    Love the "solar" method of removal!!!

  2. Looks a bit like what we are getting here in the UK presently Diane.....keep warm.