Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Good enough to eat 2010

Last year I made a gingerbread house after hubby and I returned from our before Christmas Disneyworld visit. Well we went again and here's the creation I made this year.

I purchased it from the Disney Beach Club resort on the first night we arrived. We had reservations at Raglin Road in Downtown Disney. After having a great meal we took one of the Disney buses to that resort and saw their edible carousel creation and bought a kit for me and one for my neighbor.

Here's the lobby of the Beach Club Resort.

Just in case you are inclined to make one yourself here's your shopping list:

Now maybe you aren't into carousels but you'd really like a little cabin in the woods or a summer cottage. Well how about getting the building plans for this:

This would be the day to use the SUV instead of the Mini Cooper to lug the groceries home to complete this creation:

That's all for today. I'll post some more Disney pictures in the next few days.

Until my next post,

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