Monday, May 23, 2011

Art and Soul 2011 Project teaser

This year for the Hampton Art and Soul I took all three classes with Ingrid Dijkers. This was her first time teaching at Art and Soul and I hope she comes back. Her work has a great whimsical quality to it but still on the edge. As a matter of fact the first class I took with her was called An Instructional Guide for Going over the Edge.

Before I go into more detail let me first say that there is no way you'll accomplish an entire journal in a one day class of hers BUT don't let that dissuade you at all.

The first class was filled with loads of tutorials on her techniques for painting and all the different ways she has to make a boring rectangular journal page into something very special. She uses all sorts of templates and we traced them so we could have them for later use. We also got a great explanation of how to jazz up the edges of papers by sewing yarns, beads or buttons on the edge. Some of the sewing is with thread but some with wire.
Our kits included the covers in the form of a binder for day one and three or wood for day two. We also got loads of journal prompts and a nice selection of the same imagery she used in her three journals.

I got more done on day two which was called Through the Rabbit Hole. All my pages (front and back) have been painted and I've applied Ingrid's double-sided imagery to three pages.

I concur with a classmate that said she didn't feel that bad about not finishing because we didn't have complicated stitching to try to remember after the fact and it is easy to add pages because of the three ring binding concept.

The last day was the Octopus's Garden a Steampunk inspired journal. Again all my pages are prepared front and back and one image applied - the Bunny Man. I also cut my binder down to size.

I encourage you to take a class with Ingrid your journal pages will never look the same again.

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