Sunday, May 8, 2011

Simply the Best...Ever card

Sometimes when I've attended classes you don't get to finish everything in the allotted time period. Some classes are actually built that way. I've been in some where you work on 4-5 cards and then get materials to complete 2-3 more on your own (with instructions or at least pictures) at a later date. This card is one of those. I took a class last year sponsored by Technique Tuesday. This is one of the cards I made later. The background is actually a really small stamp repeated. I took a couple of classes with them and liked them all. Most of their stamps are pretty small but with repeated stamping you can create great background paper of your own.....why do I still buy printed paper then?!?!

I made this card for Mother's Day and hopefully my mother-in-law will have a great day.

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