Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art and Soul 2010 Day Four

Today is day four of Art and Soul and I'm taking The Episodic Journal from Albie Smith.

Here's the description from the Art and Soul website: For me it's always been about color, texture, and pattern. The Episodic Journal is my answer to my trinity. Vibrant colors playfully laden with rich layers of stamps, doodles, washes and stencils. Covers so lush you can dive into them and swim around for awhile. We'll make paste paper using rich splashes of color and elegant to funky designs. Working fast, our artistic five year old is in heaven! Works of art in themselves but only the beginning of our journey into texture. We’ll color wash our pages, preparing for the future when our words and images will be more than happy to live on these sheets of delicate color combined with shimmers of copper, gold, or bronze. By combining stamps, hand carved ones or bought, our visual vocabulary is expanded as the images dance across the signature covers repeating the voice of our covers. And that rabbit stamp? Who says it's a rabbit? Let me show you how to transform stamps into something new. We put it all together with a beautiful stitch that isn't hard but does take some patience and effort. You can do it. Your finished journal may look like Monet or Warhol or it may look like you. Whatever you bring forth, it will be your voice, your art, a masterpiece of your own trinity.

Pictures cming soon!

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