Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Surgery Anniversary --- another foot story

Today marks the one year anniversary of my bunion surgery. Actually it was more than just "simple" bunion surgery. I also had an osteotomy and another cut between my big and next toe to relax the tissue. You've seen (what, you haven't?!) the other posts and can get more of the details in my blog but here the synopsis.

1. Are you glad you had it done? YES
2. Any ill effects? Not really, it is easier to buy shoes since both feet are the same width not but I still go for wide shoes with a tall toe box.
3. Would you do it again? Yes, but I think the doctor matters. I used TriCare and really didn't have a choice of the doctor BUT I am glad I had an orthopedic surgeon as opposed to a Podiatrist.

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