Thursday, November 4, 2010

Altered Book Done

Back in January I took an altered book class at Memories Galore in Richmond with Melissa Samuels. In class we tore out pages to make room for what we’d be inserting later, adhered multiple pages together for strength and stability of the book, prepared some of the pages with a background using acrylic paint and glaze, made the cover, made a hidden compartment and an acrylic covered shadow box. When I got home I had a lot to do to finish the project and a lot of ideas. I finally finished the book.

I don’t care for my handwriting so I had to practice a few times with the brush pen to get an idea of how my title would work. I settled on “Things with Wings” since I had a lot of embellishments, ephemera and photographs of bees, birds, butterflies and dragonflies that I jazzed up with Photoshop.

Here’s the inside cover. I used various rubber stamps, scrapbook paper, rub-ons, and a gel medium transfer. I incorporated the library pocket and a card I had with ephemera.
This is obviously a dragonfly page. I stamped with rubber stamps and a foam stamp. After the ink was dry I outlined with a white pen. I also added a die cut rub-on, some scrapbook paper and a gel medium transfer.
This page and the one before make the pocket that is on the left side. I realized afterwards there is a better way to make a pocket so I guess I'll have to make another altered book! I used the pages I ripped out to make die cuts and them embossed them. I used the negative space created by the cut out and inked directly to the page and outlined with the white pen. I also detail cut around a few purchased die cuts.
This page is also about dragonflies using a mask I created with a silhouette cut, a glimmer mist mask and stamp, a folded tag, a label from a label maker and a photo I took in my backyard.
Here’s the tag pulled out.
Now it’s all about butterflies. I added some detail cut purchased die cuts, rub-ons, label and a photo of a butterfly that I framed with some lace.

The left page has another lace framed photo, a label, rubber stamping and some bird postage stamps. The right page has some Glimmer Mist sprayed tags that I stamped, a label, and a photo of a bee on a Yorktown onion.

The left page has some stamping, die cuts, and a photo. The right page has a wax seal with a bee design, a die cut embossed sticker and another lace framed photo. This time I colored the lace.  
Birds on both sides here. Along with the photos, there is rubber stamping, postage stamps, cut out embellishments and a canvas tag.
Butterflies on the left with yet another lace framed photo, a brass stencil that I traced and die cuts. The right side has another bee photo with stamping and more embossed die cut stickers.
Here’s another bee on a Yorktown onion, and some tags colored with Glimmer Mist. The right has a lace framed photo and some more postage stamps.
The left side has some stamped and masked butterflies. The right side shows the acetate covered shadow box with a butterfly embellishment and the handle to the “secret” drawer. What’s inside? I can’t tell you because it’s a secret.
Here’s the back cover. I had a bunch of rub-ons with the word simplify so I used it twice but eliminated some letters on the second one.


  1. Diane, you did an awesome job on the book!! It is so beautiful and amazing!!!

  2. gorgeous book Diane :) love the theme and all the techniques you used :)

  3. Fabulous!!! I've been dying to try an altered book for so long now ~ it's one of those "I'll get to it when I'm finished with ________" projects!!
    My bad!!

  4. Diane this is simply gorgeous. Love the wing theme, I can tell you spent lots of time on this.

  5. Fantastic book Diane....looks really cool !!

  6. I don't think I've seen your finished book. This is amazing!!! Love it!

  7. Graffiti. I like it.