Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It started with Hallmark

In this case I'm not referring to a Hallmark greeting card. I'm referring to the little datebooks I'd get as a teen all the way into my forties where I'd write down all the important family events to remind me when to send a card. These little books were my handheld computer of the day.

About 10 years or so ago I went out and bought a Palm device that would import my MS Outlook calender and contacts and then I'd know where to go and when. I'd also have the handy dandy birthday and anniversary list.

My cell phone was pretty dumb back then and I didn't text so I carried two devices. Then came wi-fi all over the place and free in many locations. My Palm was getting a bit outdated so hubby got me an iTouch so now I could surf the internet, check and send email and still keep track of the birthdays and anniversaries.

I still carried two things though, the phone and the iTouch. Phones were getting very smart now but I didn't want to pay for the convenience of a data plan and besides I really wanted an iPhone and Verizon didn't carry it so I was going to hold out.

Last month I got an email from Verizon that we were eligible for a new phone. Yeah, I hated the one I had and hubby did too. If you didn't go through a cumbersome process to lock the phone you'd easily butt dial someone or make a mistake and inadvertently access the internet. I called Verizon to block us from doing it because this phone was such a nuisance; we did it by accident a couple of times.

Shortly after the first email I got another saying Verizon was getting the iPhone 4. I got one even tough they are on the 3G network and surf and talk are disabled unless you are wi-fi. I've had iPhone envy for a few years and now finally I can carry one device, talk, surf, check and send email, take pretty decent photos and videos AND still check the birthday and anniversary list. That way I can go home and make and send an old fashioned hand-made, snail mail sent card for that special someone on their special day.

I like technology but I'm still a bit old school at the roots.

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