Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A mini album I forgot to post

Late last summer I went to a Creaking Keepsakes convention in Virginia Beach. It was a late add-on since there was some flooding in Nashville earlier in the year and that convention had been cancelled. I thought it might be a bit too much scrapbooking and not enough card making & mini-book making but I was wrong. There were a lot of classes and of course the vendor area was loaded with great products. Most of the classes include too much to complete in the allotted time. If this really bothers you then be advised. Even though you rarely get to finish your project(s) in the time allowed the instructions you get are very good so you can complete them later without ease. I took this class using acrylic pages and black and white papers by Awesome Albums and we DID get to finish which was great. The class wasn't that challenging but it did give me ideas how to use acrylic since I hadn't had that much experience with it. I think it is great that acrylic albums or ATC's can be double sided BUT you need to prepare for that. You need to look at both sides of your paper if it is double sided and know that it is going to show unless you put something on top of it.

Here's the album I made. All of them were a bit unique since our mixture of papers, buttons and colored flowers were a bit different and you could swap with a neighbor if you didn't like your stuff.

Here's the other side of the album

Try using acrylic in your next project, I think you'll like it. Loads of companies make precut albums in various sizes and templates.

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