Monday, February 21, 2011

Not "THAT" fork in the road

I used to love to watch the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. One skit was where he'd play this daytime film emcee called Art Fern. He'd tell you about a business and then go over to an easel and show this "map" that almost looked like a plate of spaghetti and describe how to navigate the Southern California highway system and then say you need to take the fork in the road. Of course there was an actual fork on the "map" and it always got a laugh from the crowds. On the video I'm linking to it begins at about 6 minutes 58 seconds.

Anyway, I've come to a fork in the road sort of. I haven't made ANY ATC's this year. I'm still paper crafting but trying to complete all my family birthday, anniversary and holiday cards early. Then I won't be in a panic when I've got a week to do it. I'm also building a stash of cards to send when I do get back to swapping ATC's.

I'm also compiling all the family records, photos and memorabilia. I bought Legacy late last year and imported my Mom's side of the family from a cousin. I also found out a cousin on my Dad's side had a lot done on so I've been cutting and pasting that info into Legacy. Lastly, a cousin on my husbands side had a lot of that family done so I copied that in too. Now I'm going through the family records, photos and memorabilia and scanning flat items and photographing bulky ones to enter into this database. Some of the neat small bulky ones I'll put into shadow boxes so I can see them on a regular basis rather than keep hidden in a box.

I'm sure I'll begin ATC creation again but I've no timeline yet. I'll still make posts but instead of every other day it might be every 4-5 days.

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  1. How cool you are now doing genealogy! I just bought Rootsmagic software and hope to get my main lines documented to print a book for relatives. LOVE Johnny anything (although haveta admit my all time fave is Carnac and in general watching Johnny crack up and lose it giggling), love your mini-albums, cards, and I now know who can help me when I finally make the iphone plunge (for the camera apps) after I convince myself that the wi-fi monthly fee is indeed worth it...I have an itouch3g and it has corrupted me around the house as it works off my comcast wireless network, dangit! Verizon customer here, too. This crap all costs way too much! Argh! And we have trouble charging our ipod batteries, so hubs is anti-apple right now. Ah, the bliss of old age, winkwink.