Thursday, April 28, 2011

Art and Soul 2011 Day One

Once again I'm taking classes at Art & Soul in Hampton. It is so hard to resist because I live so close. This year it will be a bit different though. Sadly, Maria the gal that ran the on-site store isn't here. Her commitments to family and two stores in the Portland, Oregon area where too much to create a store for 5 days here. We will all miss the great variety of items she had and her great personality.

I'm taking three classes with an instructor new to Art & Soul, Ingrid Dijkers. Today the class is called Instructional Guide for going Over the Edge and we'll be using recycled cereal weight boxes to make a mini book. Here's the class description: We’ll work on getting those pages to "pop" (no one likes dull flat pages) and make the edges of those pages sizzle (gilding on steroids). This class will help us break away from the traditional rectangular shaped page. We’ll explore ways of developing and making other shapes for pages giving our books more dimension and interest. The importance of the often neglected edges of pages will also be emphasized and worked with. Ingrid’s book "An Instructional Guide for Going Over the Edge" will be available for viewing many examples. It displays a plethora of possibilities using materials we all probably already have on hand.

It looks like a lot of fun. I'll post photos when I'm finished.

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