Saturday, April 30, 2011

Art and Soul 2011 Day Three

Today is the last class I have with Ingrid. This class is called An Octopus’s Garden - A SteamPunk Influenced Journal. I've been exploring a bit with the Steampunk style so I'm excited about this class. Here's the description: This class will focus on SteamPunk imagery and elements that can be easily incorporated into our journals for a uniquely different and often quirky result. Sometimes outright strange effects develop that we are sure to revel in. Of course we'll include our favorite SteamPunk creature, the Octopus (just because we like them). Ingrid's book "An Octopus's Garden" will be available for viewing with examples of how to add a SteamPunk feel to our journals with just our regular journaling supplies, SteamPunk and Octopus imagery, items we probably already have on hand and discarded box board.

Tomorrow is a bit different so stay tuned for that class.

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