Friday, April 29, 2011

Art and Soul 2011 Day Two

Day two of Art & Soul for this year and once again I'm taking a class with Ingrid. This class is called Thru the Rabbit Hole. Here's the class description “Through the Rabbit-Hole”, a delightful tunnel book, will take us through the Rabbit-Hole using the beloved Tenniel drawings as seen in the original Alice books. These images will be incorporated into our own books in such a way that small bits of each page will be visible from the front or back, giving the book dimension and interest. Each turn of a page exposing more of the journey. Wooden covers will be provided to make a sturdy book sure to hold up to many adventures.

Looking forward to another day of creating.

Until my next post,

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  1. Awesome that you get to take this class! I can't wait to see you're creation.