Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first online ATC trades

Remember the ATCs I posted yesterday? What? You don't, well take a look at yesterdays post to see them. Well anyway, as I mentioned in my first post...What? You didn't see that either?! Well anyway, I'm a private person (yea right you and every other person that has a blog) and finally decided this summer (July) to give it a go at doing some online trading. I ran across a blog from a guy in the UK that had posted some of his ATCs for trade. One thing led to another and Sid and I now trade on a monthly basis. We alternate picking a topic of the month (sometimes a technique, sometimes colors or other subjects) and we send out a group of three. I've had an advantage though since he has been posting his ATCs on the web I get to see them before they arrive. BUT it is still like Christmas every month since when they arrive I realize they are SO much better in person. The colors and shine is so much better in person. Here's the first group of three I sent him. For those of you not familiar this is the bandana technique. If you google it you'll find loads of links to many ways of doing this. I'll tell you how I did mine tomorrow....the suspense is mounting I can tell.

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