Tuesday, December 30, 2008

One year ago today Dec 30, 2007

Do you know where you were one year ago? I was in Egypt beginning our Nile River Cruise. The pace finally slowed down and we had a leisurely day. We went through the locks but before then we had mobile salesmen pitching (literally and figuratively) gallabeayas at the ship in hopes we'd buy them. Since the ship is waiting to go through the lock you might as well do something so you can view the outfits. Soon there will be room for two ships to go through at once and this might cut into the profits of the local floating businessmen. Yes I did say floating. These guys row out to your ship yell "Hallo" and then throw the gallabeayas your way. You look, dicker and if you don't get your price you throw it back. Once we made it through our visit of the day included a dusk tour of Edfu Temple. In the picture above I'm standing next to Horus the falcon god.
I belong to several Yahoo groups about cards, papercrafts and bookmaking. The first one I swapped with (and the ONLY one I swap with on a regular basis) is my favorite -- Stampers Corner. This is probably due to the Owner, List Mom Debi. She gives encouragement to all of us with our projects and could use a bit of encouragement herself right now as she is recovering from knee replacement surgery. She gave me some help when I was considering starting my blog so I'd like to give a little plug for the group and her blog.
The ATC I've attached was made for a swap we had last month with the theme of "Sand, Rust and Brown". I immediately thought of my Egypt stamps. The first layer is scrapbook cardstock. The second layer is handmade paper bought in bulk at Costco. I colored it with Fiber Scraps walnut ink. Next there is a layer of papyrus bought in Egypt of course. I found this great bookstore in Aswan at the unfinished obelisk and they had packages of papyrus in business card size -- perfect for cards and ATCs. The stamp is from Non Sequitur. The two small stamped images are from Limited Edition.
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