Thursday, April 9, 2009

Shame on me for not playing earlier

I've had my Melting Pot for a while (don't ask how long) and hadn't used it yet. I got it after seeing bunch of videos done by Suze Wineberg and other folks about the cool things you could make. I've also had my Mold n Pour a while (again, please don't ask how long) and hadn't used that either. I finally decided to put both to use and now I wonder why I waited so long-- shame on me.

There is something molecularly cosmic but certainly not rocket science to use either product. I used the advise Tim Holtz gave in one of his DVD's about using the Mold and Pour. Take either color and guesstimate how much you need to cover 1/2 of your object. Now grab an equal part of the other color and mix. Then smush your object and and wait about 10 minutes.

On each of these pictures above the original object is on the left followed by the mold then the three objects I made. I used some clear UTEE (the object on the far right) and then some gold with a bit of clear. On the clear ones I added some Rub n' Buff to bring out the highlights.

I also found the tiny silicone ice trays Suze recommends and cut apart some K&Co Life's Journey paper to put on the bottom of one of the cubed sections. Pour a bit of clear UTEE and let it set. It popped out without any trouble. They are a little thicker than I wanted so I'll have to watch how much I pour into it next time.
I give both a big thumbs up. They are easy to use and fun. Now I just have to figure out why I buy stuff and don't use it until the warranty has already expired.....
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  1. These are great! Glad you decided to play! I do that too, though. I buy things and have them for years sometimes before I actually use them!!! What is up with that?! But, once you start using UTEE then it's hard NOT to! No one would know these were your first pieces!!!