Monday, January 18, 2010

A great week on the slopes - and yet another foot story

Hubby and I got home early Saturday evening after a great week skiing at Sugarloaf USA in Maine. I was a little concerned about my foot since I had only put my boot on once but I had no problems. The mountain had gotten a LOT of snow over the New Years weekend and the temps stayed cool so there was no melting. It wasn't anywhere near the temp in the photo. That photo was taken in January of 2004 when we had cold weather all week and yes we skied in those temps. We'd take a few runs then go in and have a hot chocolate. We didn't make it all day but we did ski. This week however the coldest days were single digits. Sugarloaf is a great mountain with nice long runs. The SuperQuad has almost 2,000 ft of vertical elevation. I got 14 runs on Monday, 12 on Tuesday and Wednesday and 16 on Thursday. Hubby decided to try snow boarding on Thursday afternoon and admitted it was tougher than it looks, I decided to keep the skis on instead since the weather was beautiful. We headed back on Friday but could have skied then too. I'm in the market for new boots now that I know I can ski again.

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