Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The lesser of two evils...I guess

We found out this morning that our kitty BC does NOT have cancer. That is good, BUT he does have Inflammatory Bowel Disease. He's already been on prescription food but we will now be giving him steriods. We started him on a wet food but have transitioned back to dry and I was hoping he'd be able to stay on dry but it is much easier to give him a pill with wet food.

I've never owned a dog but my understanding is that they take pills better than cats. If you put a whole pill in a cats food more than likely they will somehow very carefully eat around it. I grind the pill up and put it in wet food and then it is distributed. When we first brought BC back from the emergency clinic he had a pill and ate it when I ground it up. Since he'll be on steroids forever I'll have to go back to a combination or all wet food which is messy and sort of smelly too. He doesn't really care, being one of those cats that never met a food he didn't like.

He's gained back a bunch of the weight he lost and his fur is growing back so he "seems" to be doing better. But as I mentioned before you just don't know with cats, they are very secretive. In this picture you can just see his shaved belly and left arm about mid way up. He's waiting me to turn on the faucet so I'd better go.

Until my next post,