Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Magic Kingdom

This was the first time we paid in advance for the Disney dining plan. Before we'd just eat whenever and wherever and without reservations. When you only have a part of two is generally isn't a problem. On our last visit we did run into a problem. We were at Epcot and all the restaurants were booked so we at a one of the quick serve and it was terrible. The food was cold and tasteless. This time we decided to buy the dining plan in advance and make reservations. The plan we chose gave us one quick service meal, a restaurant style meal and one snack per person per day. It doesn't seem like much but each meal includes a dessert and hubby and I often share one. Also if you eat at a buffet you generally eat more. In the end I think it was worth it and I do it again. I generally ordered fish which can often be the most expensive things on the menu.

On our third day at Disney World we had a late start on purpose. We decided to take it easy in the morning. The hot Florida sun was getting to us so we took a swim in the morning and made it to the Magic Kingdom in time to take a train ride around the park and then meet Tigger and friends for lunch at the Crystal Palace. It is really called Pooh and friends but Tigger is my favorite character.

Here's some photos of me with:




Lilo and Stitch

Woody and Jessie

In the evening we left and tried to watch the fireworks from the observation tower at the Contemporary Resort but a lot of other folks had the same idea so we couldn't even get close. Then we headed over to the Grand Floridian to see their life size gingerbread house.

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