Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last day at Disney World

The last day of our 2009 Disney World vacation was spent at Epcot. There is a lot at this park. You could almost spend two days here, one at the technology side and another in the world showcase portion. Since we had been here three years ago we hit the things we really liked first in the technology side then went back to the hotel to pack and hit the pool one more time. Our favorites are Soarin' and Test Track. We hadn't ridden Mission Space before and we went for the full motion side instead of the "less intense" ride. We were both a bit dizzy after the ride and came to the conclusion that the days of motion simulators are kind of behind us. It is interesting since we know other former USAF flyers like us that don't like certain thrill rides. We headed back in the late afternoon to tour the world showcase and get dinner in the Mexican pavillion.

Here's some pictures of me with:

Stitch before the park opened

Donald, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy about to open the park (don't bother looking for me in this one)





Pooh and Tigger

Alice in Wonderland (a first for me)

Mary Poppins (another first)

Sleeping Beauty

Marie from the Aristocats (yet another first)

Snow White

We had a great time during our fourth stay with great weather. I love coming during the holiday season because it is cooler the crowds are smaller and the decorations really get you into the holiday spirit.

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