Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Bevy of Books a.k.a. day two at Art & Soul Hampton 2010

Albie Smith makes some of the coolest paste papers I've seen. She works with different paints and colored gessos along with combing tools, stencils and stamps to create some beautiful papers. She takes these papers and makes them into books both soft sided and hardback. Albie didn't come to Hampton Art & Soul last year but this time I decided to take all three of her classes since I love paper. The papers I've displayed are the ones I have left over. I used a real summery/beachy pallette since I didn't want to fight over the paints that Albie brought. I figured if I dragged this stuff to class I might as well use it.

The Mirriam Webster definition of Bevy is a large collection. Having said that we made about a half a bevy but enough paste papers for 2-3 bevies (maybe more) for the Bevy of Book class. Time got away from us and we only finished 2-3 of these cool mini books in class. I spent part of Sunday evening with Chrissie and finished two more and then decided to call it an evening since I was making every mistake known to mankind with my sewing.

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  1. Fab books you have crafted Diane. Great work !