Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Episodic Journal a.k.a. day four Art & Soul Hampton 2010

Today I was back in another class with Albie Smith. The class was called the Episodic Journal.
She had her daughter Christine to assist. Christine has a good idea about color and design so it really helped to have two folks to turn to for questions.

We made paste papers in the morning and then assembled the book in the afternoon. We all finished our books (this is a sampling, some folks left early). The big reason why is we had our papers already trimmed to the proper size and the book board was cut as well. This way unless you happened to bring extra papers you had a fixed number of things to prepare. Also some of the papers didn't need to be decorated on both sides like the covers and end flaps, unless you didn't like your original design.

This was the second full day that Susan, Chrissie, Donna and I worked together. Chrissie and I also took the Paste Paper Extravaganza class which I'll blog about next.

I wanted to work with different colors and different design elements than the day before. I tried to stick to four colors: tan, red, black and blue. I did add a bit of gold on the cover but that was after the basic design was done. I stuck to the combs and graphic elements. I did overlay a dot stencil and one with diamonds. I also used the end of the brush as a simple/crude design element.

 We added beads on the outside of the faux spine. I say faux since it is only book cloth with some Tyvex as a reinforcement. The addition of the cording at the top and bottom is an illusion of sorts so you think there is a spine.

Until my next post,


  1. Bravo Diane, you did well. How on earth in one day?

  2. More fab book stuff Diane, love the covers on this and the contents too !