Thursday, June 10, 2010

The great toilet paper conspiracy

Earlier this spring I was replacing a roll of toilet paper and it seemed smaller. I mentioned it to my husband and he thought I was crazy. I happened to visit family and at my Mom's house there was some older paper that was purchased last year. I took the cardboard back home from a used roll and measured it to a newer roll and my suspisions were confirmed.

The newer roll on the right is about 1/4" smaller than the older roll. Granted they aren't the same manufacturer but the fact remains that the consumer is getting cheated.

Like all good reporters I checked my sources (not Wikipedia) and discovered Toilet Paper World...the blog
which had already leaked the story so I don't get the exclusive.

Just think if Elaine needed that one sheet in a current Seinfeld episode.... 

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  1. Roll up ! Roll up! Diane, you are a bit of a detective as well as being a crafty lady !! lol