Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The relocation of Terrapene carolina carolina

The other day hubby and I were going for an after dinner walk. He mentioned something about a branch that had fallen and I was looking to see where it was and we saw a Terrapene carolina carolina a.k.a. Eastern Box Turtle s-l-o-w-l-y walking across the driveway near the garage door. I said "wait, let me run and get my camera" then realized what I'd said. I could have crawled and came back and wouldn't have seen the turtle in a different spot.

We decided a forced relocation might be in the best interest of all concerned so we put the little guy/gal into a shoe box and walked over to the nearby pond in our neighborhood and released it to the water.

We often see turtles in the pond or other ponds in the area. On warm days in the spring and fall they'll be grabbing a few rays of sun on exposed rocks and logs.

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  1. I loved your turtle story. Red eyes female, yellow eyes male. They have about a three mile radius of travel, the males more like five. These are ground turtles that generally do not live in ponds, but do swim. You probably have several around and don't realize it. When I lived in Raleigh we had 3 or 4 regulars to our yard. They are a good thing!