Thursday, June 3, 2010

Vintage Metal Deck a.k.a. day three of Art and Soul Hampton 2010

Todays class was making ATC's of metal with Leighanna Light. She evolved into her current Vintage Metal Deck style by starting with blank credit cards, gift cards or cards of similar size that you'd get in the mail. She then progressed to using old tin ceiling metal and is now having these ATC size flat metal cards cut since the ceiling tiles would be difficult to cut for a class of 15-20. She had a metal dapping block to give some dimension to our pieces. We were provided with 10 blank pieces of metal that we sanded, antiqued, and made patina. We added background papers collage images and eyelets, stamped with gesso and used a bunch of other techniques.

I got all of mine done with at least a background paper and an eyelet hole. Some have collage images and more detail. I have yet to add enough findings like Leighanna's and when I'm done I'll repost the before and add after photos.

Until my next post,


  1. Oh wow...gorgeous work!!! I think they're great! Glad you got to go to Art and Soul! LynnF

  2. These are beautiful!! Can't wait to see them 'finished'!

  3. Hey these are simply beautiful !! Loving the variety of effects !!

  4. Boy you really did some different classes. thanks for all your driving directions we found some great stuff. Leslie, Lennie and Irene, co participants at Art and Soul.