Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paste Paper Extravaganza a.k.a. day five of Art & Soul Hampton 2010

This was a great way to end Art and Soul by making papers without and end project. It was the third class I took with Albie Smith. Since I'm local, I save a few bucks and go home every day after class rather than stay in the hotel. I'd get home and tell my husband that I was exhausted from playing and making art all day and he didn't get it. He didn't understand that quite often you are on your feet all day as you can't paint sitting down. He didn't get that the creative energy makes your head spin from trying new techniques and getting all these ideas of how to incorporate them into what you already do.

We started by working with just two tools a comb and a credit card.

I also made a print by decorating one piece and then put another piece of paper over it. It really is a print even though it doesn't look like it since I changed the original after I made the print.
These two are definately related. I didn't get a great print in the corner but I can alway go back and do something else to it.
These next two set are also related. And like the first print I went back and made some changes to the original.
These two have nothing in common. The one on the left I made right before lunch since I realized I had another piece of paper. I thought the one on the right was a print but I can't find the partner.
These I made after lunch as we moved into stencils, stamps and junk drawer stamping. This was the third class I had with Albie this year and I hadn't used any of her stencils yet since I had brought some of my own. The one on the left uses one of her stencils. I want to do some outlining on this one (probably with black) but ran out of time. Albie also had us think outside the box by incorporating not painting type tools to get a design. In the one on the right I used the top of a paint container that I dabbed with paint. I also used the end of a paint brush to make dabs and then swirled them with an old toothbrush.
The one on the right uses a stencil by Crafters Workshop (I think I need some of these stencils). I like how you can use different diameters to make your pattern whatever size and it all goes together. The one on the left started with yellow and the flower stencil since no one was using that color paint. You could barely see the flower stencil as I tried to wipe away the color underneath but it dried too fast. From there I kept adding a bit of green or blue to make darker greens. I added some foam stamps of leaves but at the end I knew it needed something else. I finished by adding the same flower stencil on top and added purple. It left the yellow where the stencil was and you can still see some of the green leaves. Thanks Albie for recommending the purple!
This one isn't mine. I was one of the last in the room as we were cleaning up and no one claimed it. I'm not sure if the owner forgot or didn't like it. If it is yours let me know and I'll send it to you if you send me the postage.
Until my next post,