Thursday, December 24, 2009

All I want for Christmas is... for my kitty to be well

"They" say that the time between after Thanksgiving and before Christmas is the slowest time of the year at Disney World. When you are down there then all the parks have extra special decorations and many of the hotels go all out with their decorations. At certain parks some of the characters have holiday garb on and  Santa is available to visit. Hubby and I were fortunate enought to visit Santa not once but twice.

We saw him at the Magic Kingdom. While waiting we could view the afternoon parade and stay out of the sun.

We also saw him at Downtown Disney and didn't have to wait behind a bunch of kids who thought we were crazy.

Both times I put in a request for a new Dell XPS 9000 with a dedicated audio and video card. Now that I'm back nursing my kitty from whatever he has I would have wished for a healthy cat instead.

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