Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A touch of color

This technique generally gets a reaction from folks that don't know how to do it. They'll sort of lean their head like a dog watching TV and think to themselves "how did they do that?". It is really very easy in Photoshop. All you do is open a color photo and (keeping the original in color) make another layer of it in black and white. This is best done using adjustment layers since you preserve your original photo. Next you make sure black is your foreground color and select a paintbrush and paint away the black and white to reveal the color in selected areas. You must click on the adjustment layer to do this. Make your brush bigger and smaller depending on the detail. To clean up edges where you added too much change your color to white to "erase" the mistakes. There are loads of Photoshop tutorials on the web for free, check them out for other easy techniques.

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