Sunday, December 20, 2009

The "free" cat that got me in debt

The last few days have been pretty crazy – a real emotional roller coaster. My husband and I took a before Christmas trip to Disney World and I was hoping to post some of those photos. We drove all the way back on Thursday. We had planned to stop in Fayetteville but the weather was great so we pressed forward. Turns out we made a good decision, since we got home before the weather on the east coast deteriorated. We arrived to find a very sick kitty. I had gotten word that he had diarrhea but I had no idea it was that bad. I took BC to the emergency vet on Thursday evening and luckily didn’t wait long. After an x-ray, fluids and pills I left with a big charge on my credit card. The next morning he wasn’t any better so I took him to my regular vet. They also took an x-ray and a blood test which showed his white cell count off the chart. The next step was exploratory surgery. When the vet opened him up she said his intestines were more like the consistency of a garden hose than pliable like they should be. She took some biopsies and they’ll be analyzed but along with a weekend we are running into the Christmas holiday so it might take longer to get the results back. We took BC back to the emergency vet clinic last night so he could get round the clock monitoring. We got a call Saturday morning that he did great at night and then another in the afternoon that he was even better and had eaten twice so we picked him up. He has to wear the collar until his stitches are taken out in about 10 days and the red bandage was removed about ½ hour after he got home. That was covering his IV insertion. The bill so far is more than half my month’s retirement check. So much for the “free” cat.

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  1. If I was BC I'd pee on your bed as punishment for posting that silly picture of me!