Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sorry no candy...

Happy Anniversary to me! This marks the one year anniversary of my blog. Sorry no candy for you folks out there in cyber land with a sweet tooth for give aways. I'm a no awards/rewards and no gift blog. I do this for fun, not profit. I'm not saying that won't ever change but for now that's my position. When I began I wasn't sure I'd have enough to share with everyone. I had read that you need to blog often if you wan't folks to stay with you. Why that concerned me I don't know but I guess I felt that if I was taking the time to create stuff and write about it at least someone should be reading and looking. I have eight followers and hopefully more that actually follow but do it silently.

Until my next post,


  1. I follow, she said quietly...

  2. Here! Present and accounted for, SIR! Uh, Ma'am-Sir...

  3. I'm one of the silent types :)

    happy anniversary and happy new year!