Saturday, December 12, 2009

That winter feeling

It doesn't snow very often here in coastal Virginia. When it does it is usually big wet flakes and doesn't last very long. Right after Christmas in 2004 we got 14" of snow. My husband and I were returning from a pre-holiday ski trip. We were up in New Hampshire and got a week of skiing in before visiting my family for Christmas. We left for home the day after Christmas because a storm was heading to New England. Enroute we called back to the guy that was watching our house and he was saying how much snow we had. We thought he was joking because we were an hour away and there was no snow on the ground. We got about 1/2 hour away and there was a dusting, then more and more the closer we got to the house. It seemed the storm just stalled right in our little area of the world and dumped over a foot of snow.

This year we got a late season snow of a few inches. This was early March and the birds were a bit confused but still found the feeders. This is a female cardinal.
I think this guy is her significant other grabbing a mid-day snack.
I grew up with snow in the winters and still like it but just to ski on. I'm not a big fan of shoveling, I did enough as a kid. I know my abilities driving in it but don't trust others so I'm happier living where we don't get it that often.

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