Monday, March 2, 2009

Laughed until I cried

On Sunday I went to see Menopause the Musical with two friends. I got the idea of arranging a girls day out after reading another blog (sorry can't remember who). The recommendation was so strong I clicked on the link and right there and then decided I needed to arrange a road trip. The show is about 90 minutes or so of non-stop laughing...unless you are the teenager/20 something gal that sat next to my friend Jeannie. After the show at an early dinner Jeannie said the poor girl didn't laugh or smile throughout the show. We all said she'll get it in about 20 years then realize what it's all about. The show was so great I bought the soundtrack, something I rarely do. Not only is the show entertaining but a portion of the proceeds goes to ovarian cancer research. For those of you down under it is coming your way so check out the link to see when you too can laugh until you cry.

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