Thursday, March 19, 2009

Responding to the challenge

I follow a LOT of blogs, sometimes I think too many. Sometimes I think I need to follow the Nike motto and "just do it" instead of just read about it or just watch what other people do. BUT then I read a blog and get some inspiration and realize that there is wheat amongst the chaff. I bought my Cuttlebug a while back and don't regret it a bit. It was a good bang for the buck. I emboss more than cut and I cut more Spellbinders dyes than Cuttlebug dyes. I saw this double embossing challenge on the Cuttlebug Challenges blog last weekend and decided to give it a try on some extra cardstock. The blue one was my first attempt. The embossing went OK but I'm not thrilled with the coloring. I think I may darken it a bit and see what happens. I used Colorbox cats eyes sized chalk inks on that one. The green one was my second attempt and I like it much more. I used Versa Magic chalk tear drop sized ink on that one. The ink pad is stronger and stiffer and I think that helped a bit.
Until my next post,


  1. These are really pretty....and I think we all share your same feelings about blogging sometimes!

  2. These are lovely Diane.....I like the green one best also !

  3. Diane, I like them both. We have to take inspiration wherever it comes from.

  4. Very pretty, Diane :)

    I've been thinking for the longest time about buying a Cuttlebug. I think I need to just go ahead and do it! It probably does way more than I even realize ~