Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jumping for Joy...well maybe not just yet, but progress!

Not sure what is going on but this post should have been posted on 2 July.

I had my second follow up appointment after my bunion surgery yesterday.

Good news:

1) I don't have to wear these gel spacers between my toes. Before surgery my big toe was angled towards the next one. Putting the spacers in between the first two toes after surgery was training for the big toe to remain in the correct position. This greatly reduces the chance the bunion comes back. It was really annoying wearing these things so I'm really happy they are just a bad memory.

2) Goodbye Frankenstein boot, hello...whatever you call this thing. Of course they didn't have my size so I guess it is sort of a flipper. I think that's what I'll call it.

3) I can put weight on the entire right foot not just the heel.

4) Although I haven't tried yet I'm pretty sure I'll be able to drive. I never learned how to drive a standard transmission (we tried but hubby and I decided staying married was better than him yelling at me during the lessons) so I don't know how to drive with my left foot. I couldn't bend my right foot ankle so it just seems silly to attempt to do something that wasn't "really" necessary. I hope to have my freedom back.

Not as great news:

1) I still need the crutches until I get more comfortable walking with weight on both feet. My hands/wrists and the back of my arms are in a bit of discomfort (a.k.a. pain).

2) Now I have to shave both legs on a regular basis. I was getting quite used to shaving just one.

All in all a great day. Hope yours went just as well. Take time to enjoy the little pleasures in life.

Until my next post,

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  1. How about a black shoe on the left foot? And how about painting the wrap on the right side? Let's get some art going here!!