Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Interpretation of Freud

My first InDesign project for the Computerized Graphics class last fall was to create a book cover for the now public domain book by Sigmund Freud "The Interpretation of Dreams". I took photos of clouds and a silhouette of me and recolorized them in Photoshop. Next I used Illustrator to do the drawings of the dreams. I got a book from the library and chose a few simple symbols to create. I also added the swirls to make it seem as though some dreams escape us. I also created the Balance Books logo in Illustrator. I got the photo of Freud from the web. The text of the book and the bar code were from the instructor. We used InDesign as the assembly point for the Illustrator and Photoshop stuff.

Until my next post,



  1. Think your bookcover design is fab......excellent use of computer graphics to good effect !! Love the escaping swirls !

  2. Very interesting & creative.