Sunday, July 19, 2009

She even bought me lunch...well sort of.

Yesterday I was at Scrapdoodles in Fredericksbug ALL day taking three classes from Lauren Ferguson. The theme of the day was Glimmer Mists. We decorated a gate fold book, made ATCs and some 5x5 cards. By the end of the day I was wiped out.

There was a lot crammed into these classes, it was a great value for the price. She brought tons of supplies and embellishments, stamps and such. The classes weren't crowded and the folks that took them weren't newbies but every class went long. We were supposed to have 2 hours between class 1 and 2 but due to typical I-95 traffic we got started a bit late and there was just SO MUCH to the first project. Lauren was heading to grab a bite while two of us continued to finished up and I said "Whatever you are getting, get me one too and I gave her some cash." She was amazed at this, "Whatever?, don't you want to quantify that". My reply was "No, I can't think of a whole lot that I really don't like". She made a trip to a newly opened Wegmans that is a grocery store with great take out and gourmet foods. (I'll have to make a trip there myself someday). When she came back I was treated to a crabcake, seasoned potatoes and a great vegetable medley with asparagus. Great choice Lauren, you can buy my lunch anyday!!

I've got a bit of clean up to do on the projects, then I'll photograph them and make the posts in the next few days.

Until my next post,

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