Saturday, July 25, 2009

What it was supposed to be...and what it was

Susan (Don's wife) sent me an email a few days ago. It went something like this: I've got a "few" extra things I don't use for crafting. They seem like they are up your alley. How about I put them in the "small" flat rate box and send them to you. By us a drink when we meet up again.

I want you to notice the word small in the above paragraph.

This is what the photo showed. I did a little mental calculation of what I'd pay for this if I were to buy it and I told her to send the stuff.

This is what I got

When I opened the package (the MEDIUM one) two days later all I could think of was there was something missing. WHERE IS THE KITCHEN SINK??? Everything else was in there I guess she couldn't fit it in.

I'm thinking this might be a nice bottle of wine instead of a drink. I guess I'd better get busy and do some creating with this stuff.

Until my next post,

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