Monday, July 20, 2009

Where were you July 20, 1969?

I was at a Boston Red Sox game. My Dad used to get tickets every once in a while when his company sponsored bus trips to see either the Red Sox, the d*** Yankees or the Mets. My Mom rarely went and was glad she didn't this time because she wanted to stay home and watch Neil Armstrong be the first human to walk on the moon. Shortly after he made his historic steps they stopped the game and announced to everyone that it happened. There was a standing ovation and we clapped and clapped for a long time. That's what I remember from that date 40 years ago today.

After I wrote this I did some research and discovered my memories were a bit clouded. I was at the game that's for sure. The Red Sox beat the Baltimore Orioles 6-5 according to It also said there were 31,174 attendees at the game. What I was wrong about was that when we were cheering it wasn't for the actual walk on the moon it was for the landing on the moon. They landed about 4:15p.m. but didn't get out of the capsule until 6 1/2 hours later (and men complain that it takes women forever to get dressed!).

So where were you?

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  1. I was at that same Red Sox game with my dad, who was only shortly back from Vietnam. We're from Providence and drove up for the day while my mom and sister stayed with my grandparents.

    I was almost 7 and remember the announcement and excitement well. I don't remember who the opposing team was that day. Do you?